ORPacific river and pearls

Gold and Pacific pearls


Ideal for couples. Restores the softness of the skin, restoring firmness and youth, purifying, detoxifying and activating its natural defenses. The Massada Pacific Pearl and Gold ritual has all the ingredients to change the skin with exclusive formulas of multisensory natural extracts. Thanks to its silicas, amino acids and minerals, Pearl and Yogurt Gelatin with Trace Elements gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin without attacking it, helping to erase the traces of time. The protein action of the Yogurt Mousse restores its luminosity and smoothness to the skin, strengthening, calming and nourishing it. Liquid Gold allows skin to be kept in perfect condition and to stimulate cellular capacity to protect it from free radicals. Finally, the Caviar Extract nourishes and provides proteins, essential fatty acids to obtain unsuspected results. The skin appears stronger and hydrated, prolonging its beauty and youth.
Approximate duration: 1h 15min | € 105

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